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We are really looking forward to seeing everyone next year at our Prisoner event featuring Patsy King.  We know that she has been at the top of fans’ lists for many years and we’re thrilled at the prospect of Patsy coming over to the UK.  Another day of fun and celebration beckons!

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…watch the video!

Recorded during a special UK visit for actors Maggie Kirkpatrick and Glenda Linscott,  we reunited the two stars of Prisoner Cell Block H in front of their adoring fans at two events in Birmingham.

Glenda used Screen Star Events to help premiere her one woman show: Retrospectively, Rita while fans came from far and wide to meet their idols and the room erupted when the two ladies appeared back on stage for the first time.

A DVD of their UK visit is available to buy now via our Store.

What our Australian friends say about us

Please know how grateful I am to all of you and in particular to Barry and Scott who are making these trips possible with great effort on their part. I will treasure my time with all of you, my photos, cards and memories will stay in my heart and in my mind forever. With boundless thanks.

- Louise Siversen Actress

THANK YOU to the wonderful Barry Campbell and the amazing Scott Anderson. Thank you for making these fabulous, wonderful events happen. It has meant the world to me. I will never forget your generosity and love. You have all given me such a lift! It was a buzz!! And I am SO grateful.

- Glenda Linscott Actress

Some of the talented people we have worked with:

  • Maggie Kirkpatrick
  • Debra Lawrance
  • Anne Charleston
  • Louise Siversen
  • Glenda Linscott
  • Amanda Muggleton