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Find out about what to expect on the day – and more.


What does a typical Screen Star Event consist of?

A very good question. Each event is different but they all use a similar template with the same end result: a day of fun and enjoyment in an informal and relaxed environment.

Your day will typically look like this:

Arrive, check in, drinks
Find somewhere to sit and wait for the event to start
A welcome from the Screen Star team
Watch an introduction/showcase video
After the cheering and clapping is over, a Question and Answer session
An informal chat with the audience
Watch some of the VIP star’s work with a commentary/chat from them
Informal ‘mingling’ with the VIP stars and other guests
Chance for photographs and autographs
Merchandise on sale
Group photo
Final farewells

So as you can see, there is plenty to pack in! The above is just a typical example of an event, the actual schedule is of course different at each event but is always lots of fun.

The main thing is that everyone attending is a fan of a show, a character, an actor and is there for exactly the same reason – to celebrate their love of something or someone very special to them.

Why do the event tickets cost the amount that they do?

Simply, to cover all costs involved in arranging the event. Travel (normally long haul flights) and hotel fees take up a huge chunk of our operating costs. We would LOVE to charge a tiny entrance fee but unfortunately this is not possible. Our events are priced at the absolute lowest they could possibly be, taking into account all of the overheads involved.

Are tickets issued?

Not normally. Instead we operate a guest list policy – you confirm your name and we let you in, simple as that!

Why can’t I just turn up and pay on the day?

Our events are private and take a lot of organisation. We need to know numbers well in advance to help us plan the day. In addition, deposits are needed as we are required to secure venues, travel and so on. We really appreciate everyone sticking to the payment schedule, it makes our jobs much easier!

Can I bring my own camera?

Yes, of course.  We ask that photographs are not taken during a performance or a screening of some work, but you are more than welcome to take photos at the event, in fact we expect you to!

Video recording however is not permitted, please don’t record the event. We’ll ask you to stop if we are aware of this.

Will I definitely get the chance to meet the VIP stars?

Yes, this is absolutely guaranteed.  It’s how we work.  Our events are not huge – there’s just enough people to ensure that everyone gets the chance to spend some time with the person they have come to meet.

What kind of merchandise will be on sale?

Normally photographs and fan cards are available.  In some cases there’ll be additional items on sale.  You can pay by cash or credit/debit card at the event to make things easier.

Can I trust you guys?  You’re not going to rip me off?

We’ve been arranging events like this for a LONG time with around 15 years experience in this area.  We’re a registered business, we pay our taxes and we LOVE doing what we do.  Ask anyone who has been to an event of ours to confirm how much fun they have.  Many friendships have blossomed as a result of fans meeting each other at a Screen Star Event.

I’ve got more questions

Great, that’s what we’re here for. 
Click here to email us.

Please ensure you are familiar with all of our Terms and Conditions.

This includes our Cancellation and Refund policies.

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